Primary Schools

There are dozens of primary schools in Gaindakot town. Private level kindergartens and elementary schools account the maximum numbers throughout all wards of Gaindakot. Most of the private elementary schools teach in English medium. The oldest primary school in Gaindakot is Shree Nepal Rashtriya Shamsher Adarsha Secondary School now located in Maula Kalika road in Jajuwa. It is a government school now updraded to upto the secondary level. Some Primary Schools are as follows:

Naba Durga Primary School
Bijaya Primary School
Continental English Bording School
Gaindakot Namuna English Bording School
Shining English Boarding School
Balbikash English Boarding School
Narayani Junior High School

Secondary/High Schools

The first secondary school in Gaindakot was Janak Madhyamik Vidaylaya (Janak Higher Secondary School) on Mahendra highway in ward No. 2. Currently, there are about five seconday/higher secondary schools which operate under Higher Secondary Education Board of Nepal. Students of Gaindakot go to Chitwan for higher studies. Some High Schools are as follows :

Janak Higher Secondary School
Gaindakot Namuna Higher Secondary School
Vijaya Community Higher Secondary School
Nepal Rastriya Shamsher Aadarsha Secondary School
Krishna Gandaki Secondary School
Kalika High School, Bijaya Nagar
Oxford Higher Secondary School
Saraswati Niketan English Bording School

College & Universities

There are few private colleges in Gaindakot.
Oxford College of Engineering and Management in Pulchowk, Gaindakot and SPM collge are two of them.
Almost entire students of Gaindakot cross Narayani river for attaining higher education as there are no government recognized higher education establishments available in Gaindakot.

Colleges in Chitwan Birendra Multiple Campus, Balkumari Campus, Bharatpur College of Medical Sciences, Chitwan Medical College and Research Centre, Rampur Campus among other colleges in Chitwan provide the opportunities in the field of arts, science, medical, commerce, agriculture field to students from Gaindakot. Most of these colleges operate under the Tribhuban University of Nepal.
Few Private colleges provide education on Information Technology.

Students of Gaindakot who complete the college education in Chitwan proceed for degrees at Tribhuban University in Kathmandu. Some students depending on their abilities also proceed to India or USA or Europe or Australia or either Singapore for masters and PhD level.

Not all college goers in Gaindakot could complete their higher studies. They either dropout and start their own/family business or move to politics. Some move to foreign countries for earnings.

Photo: Oxford College of Engineering and Management in Pulchowk,
Gaindakot, viewed from Narayanghat.

Other Institutions

Number of computer training institutions, hotel management institutions and
few foreign language centers are located in Narayanghat (Bharatpur).

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